Nashwan Habib Offers Tips For Maintaining Your Vehicles and Maxing Out the Miles

Nashwan Habib

October 11, 2021

Nashwan Habib Offers Tips For Maintaining Your Vehicles Maxing Miles

Want to get the most out of your vehicle? Nashwan Habib, who runs Angelo’s Towing in San Diego, offers suggestions.

Vehicles keep getting more expensive as the years go by. In 2021, the median price for a new vehicle came in at about $40,000. If you’re shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for a car, you’d probably like to keep it on the road as long as possible. Automotive expert Nashwan Habib offers vital maintenance tips.

“Proper maintenance may prevent expensive repairs, and could help you maximize the miles you get out of your vehicle,” Nashwan Habib points out. “Even if you ultimately sell your car in a few years, great maintenance will help you get the most money for your vehicle.”

A modern car typically has around 30,000 parts. Unfortunately, some of these parts will break down over time. By properly maintaining your vehicle, you can help ensure that these parts enjoy smooth running for as long as possible.

“First, you should set up a specific time every week to do a walk around your car and to make sure everything is in good order,” Nashwan Habib suggests. “Check oil and tire pressure levels, look where you normally park your car, and see if you can find any leaking oil or fuel. And take a peek at your brake pads and the tread on your tires.”

Many of the parts in your car move and will experience wear and tear over time. Ensuring that you have enough oil is especially important as engine parts need a lot of lubrication or they can get quickly damaged. Make sure your air filters are in good shape too.

It’s also smart to take it easy on the gas and brake pedals when possible. If you race your engine, it may increase wear and tear even if you’re careful with oil levels and the like.

“You’ll often find that when you race your car through town, you’re not even really saving time, you’re just wearing out your vehicle,” Nash Habib says. “Safe, steady driving can reduce the risk of accidents while also reducing wear and tear.”

Nashwan Habib Suggests Addressing Problems Sooner Rather Than Later

If you do notice a problem with your vehicle, it’s often best to get it fixed right away. For example, you might notice a small chip in your windshield. If you get that chip fixed and filled right away, you may prevent the crack from spreading throughout your windshield.

“If your check engine light comes on, get your car scanned ASAP,” Nashwan Habib says. “A small problem now could get much worse if it’s not addressed right away. Likewise, if your tires are getting worn out, get them changed because if you blow the tire, it could damage your vehicle or cause an accident.”

Ultimately, with vehicle upkeep, a pound of maintenance may well be worth a ton of repair.