Nashwan Habib of Angelo’s Towing Explains How to Stay Safe While Waiting For a Tow Truck Driver

Nashwan Habib

September 2, 2021

Nashwan Habib of Angelo’s Towing Explains How to Stay Safe While Wait

Nashwan Habib Knows That Being Stranded Can Be Terrifying, But He Wants to Help You Stay Safe

One of the most stressful experiences you can have is being on the side of the road with a broken-down vehicle. No one wants to be stuck somewhere with cars whirling by and with nowhere to go. Nashwan Habib, the owner of Angelo’s Towing, wants to offer some tips to assist you in staying safe and secure while waiting for help to arrive.

Nashwan Habib Explains Why Staying In Your Car Is Important

Nashwan Habib is concerned about your safety. He shares his insight when it comes to being able to keep yourself safe. When stranded, you do not want to leave your vehicle. This will be the safest place you can be while waiting. The car itself provides a level of protection from anything that could go on. Since there could be many drivers passing by at high speeds, you will be much safer inside your car in the event another driver loses control. Staying in your car can also help to shield you from the elements, such as rain or pests.

Nashwan Habib Says That Letting Your Family Know Where You Are Is Important

It is encouraged that you contact your family and loved ones in any situation where you are in an emergency and stranded. Informing your family will not only let them be aware of your situation, but it is also another way to have extra support in case you might need a ride or any other assistance. Nashwan Habib always encourages communication with your family and will always suggest that you keep them informed.

Nashwan Habib States to Never Open Your Door to Strangers Trying to Help

When you are stranded and waiting for assistance to arrive, you should stay in your vehicle and not open your door to anybody you are unfamiliar with. Unfortunately, you may encounter some people looking for an opportunity to take advantage of your situation, so it is best to remain inside your car. Nashwan Habib offers his experience and advises that keeping your door locked and waiting for help to arrive is your best option.

With all of his years of experience, Nashwan Habib wants to give you tips on staying safe during a stressful time. The importance of being able to think on your feet and making sound choices during this time can make a routine service call just that; routine. Deviating from these safety tips can make the situation far more complicated and cause an unnecessary burden. When you are stranded, make sure that you keep yourself safe as you wait for a tow truck or roadside assistance.

Nashwan Habib, owner of Angelo’s Towing, Wants to Help You Stay Safe While Waiting For Roadside Assistance or a Tow